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Brief introduction of aramid
Oct 26, 2016

Fong LUN full called "poly on benzene II methyl n on benzene II amine", English for Aramid Fiber (Emperor people Fong LUN of commodity name for Twaron du State company of commodity name for Kevlar), is a new hi-tech synthetic, has super high strength, and high modulus volume and resistance high temperature, and acid alkali, and weight light, excellent performance, its strength is wire of 5~6 times, die volume for wire or glass fiber of 2~3 times, toughness is wire of twice times, and weight only for wire of 1/5 around, At 560-degree temperatures, decomposition without melting. It has good insulation properties and anti-aging properties, with a long life cycle. Aramid finds, is considered to be a very important historical material processes.

Characteristics of aramid

1, good mechanical properties

Aramid is a flexible polymer, breaking strength than common polyester, cotton, nylon, elongation of large, soft, good spinning, can produce different size, the length of the short fibers and filaments, textile machinery made of different yarn woven fabrics, non-woven, after finishing, meet the requirements of different areas of protective clothing.

2, excellent flame resistance, heat resistance

Aramid limiting oxygen index (LOI) is greater than 28, so when it left the flames without burning. Niushida ® flame retardant properties of aramid is decided by its chemical structure, which is a permanent flame retardant fibers will not use time and washing times reduction or loss of flame retardant properties. Niushida ® aramid has good thermal stability, at 205 ° c under conditions of continuous use, greater than 205 ° c under high temperature conditions is still able to maintain a high strength. Niushida ® aramid decompose at high temperatures, and won't melt under high temperature conditions, into droplets, only started when the temperature is more than 370 c charring.

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