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Filter material
Oct 26, 2016

Filter media is a general term for water treatment filter material, mainly for sewage and industrial waste water, pure water, drinking water filter.

Filter material (filtering media) main is divided into two big class, a is to water treatment equipment in the of water filter of granular material, usually refers to quartz sand, and gravel, and anthracite, and [1] Pebble, and manganese sand, and [2] magnetite filter material, and shell filter material, and bubble filter beads, and porcelain sand filter material, and pottery grain, and pomegranate stone filter material, and maifan stone filter material, and [3] sponge iron filter material, and activity alumina ball, and zeolite filter material, and volcanic filter material, and particles activated carbon, and [4] fiber ball, and fiber beam filter material, and Comet type fiber filter material,.

Other is the physical separation of the filter medium, including filter cloth, filter, filter, filter paper and the latest films.

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