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Filtering material physical filter media
Oct 26, 2016

Porcelain sand as a spherical particle, has stable chemical performance, high mechanical strength, high temperature corrosion resistance surface area, pollutant adsorption performance, proper particle size, specific gravity, service life of up to 10 years to solve the short cycle of natural quartz sand filter, easily broken mud-SiO2 and remnants of secondary pollution of organic carbon. Use: filter for single layer, double layer filters, double filters, Ion Exchange filter media and filter device cushion, industrial wastewater treatment, industrial water, sewage and so on.

Added containing rare earth porcelain sand as strengthening and corrosion resistance of rare earth porcelain sand filter in addition to the properties, adsorption capability further enhanced, better chemical stability, particularly suitable for reverse osmosis systems filter and ultra-filtration media.

Paving method

1, after the installation of the water distribution system, first clear all debris in the filter, and dredges the water holes and water gap, and then use the backwash method to check whether the water distribution system meets the design requirements.

2, the wall is An Chengtuo in the filter material and the top of each layer of the filter, draw a horizontal line as paving high marks.

3, Lijiang, examined different range of support materials according to their size ranges from large to small were cleaned, ready for paving.

4, the next layer of pavement filter should prevent change filter the water distribution system.

5, each layer of bearing layer thickness should be accurate even with a spade or scraper scrape the surface near to the level should coincide with the pavement height mark a horizontal line. In Pu bi particle size range is less than 2-4mm support material is applied after the intensity ceiling flush flush has completed effective water resources classification.

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