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Glass fiber acupuncture felt
Oct 26, 2016

Glass fiber acupuncture felt filter material is a reasonable structure, good performance, with glass fiber as raw material, with thorn chopped fiberglass felt for carded for acupuncture, for mechanical carpet layer fiberglass between mat layer between fiberglass and reinforced glass fiber fabric fibers tangled with each other, the Web can be strengthened and felt made of nonwovens filter materials.


Glass fiber fabric not only has high temperature resistance, corrosion resistance, dimensional stability, minimal elongation of shrinkage, high strength advantages, and carpet fiber is fiber, micro porous structure, high porosity and gas filtration resistance, is a high-speed, efficient high temperature filter material. Compared with other high temperature resistance of felting, its special advantages with the low prices, high temperature resistance, but its high temperature resistance than ordinary fiber filter.


Glass filament disorder staggered thrust, is non-directional micro porous structure, space small space law, has good sound-absorbing, shock, corrosion resistance, insulation, heat resistance, flame retardant property. High porosity and gas filtration resistance, filtration velocity, high efficiency, and are resistant to bending, wear-resistant, dimensionally stable glass fiber acupuncture felt mainly as manufacturing thermoplastic molding AZDEL and polypropylene sheets (GMT) enhanced substrate. Previously, the main application of continuous glass fiber acupuncture felt, but after repeated comparisons and selection, when you consider the use of chopped glass fiber acupuncture felt, its processing performance and performance better than using continuous glass fiber acupuncture felt, mainly in the chopped glass fiber acupuncture felt and polypropylene compound, liquid.

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