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Glass fiber mat working condition
Oct 26, 2016

Widely used in electrical, chemical, construction, transportation, automotive and other industries sandwiched thermal insulation and noise reduction systems, and used as insulating fireproof material.

Filter 1, the wind speed should be less than 1.0M/min.

2, glass fiber mat working temperature must be less than 260 ° c

3, for a variety of heat sources (coal, electricity, oil, gas) for high-temperature service, central air conditioning duct insulation.

4, for a variety of heat insulation, fireproof material.

5, for the Special sealing, sound absorption, filtration, and insulating materials.

6, for various heat and Chu Re insulation.

7, used cars, boats, planes and other parts for sound insulation, thermal insulation, heat insulation.

8, the automobile and motorcycle noise and engine silencer muffler core.

9, colored steel sheets and interlayer thermal insulation sandwich of wood frame housing.

10, heat, chemical piping insulation, thermal insulation effect is superior insulation.

11, air conditioners, refrigerators, microwave ovens, dishwashers and other home appliances wall heat insulation.

12, heat insulation, fireproof, sound absorbing, insulating other occasions.

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