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Main features glass fiber acupuncture felt
Oct 26, 2016

1, excellent heat: according to the laws of physics, the thermal conductivity of the gas small, excellent heat insulation material has a lot of air holes. Glass fiber cotton with countless small gas and fiber irregularly arranged, for excellent thermal insulation, thermal conductivity of 0.2~0.040kcal/MHR. C;

2, does not burn: the main components of glass fiber for silicide (more than 50%), characterized by burning, no distortion, no embrittlement of high temperature resistance up to 7000C;

3, good sound absorption: when sound waves into glass fiber cotton, energy due to friction with fiber and different size pockets, and be inhaled. In General, sound absorption is higher than 90%, are benign and only prevent noise interference;

4, high insulation: fiberglass are resistant against high temperature, good mechanical and chemical stability of high, is the best insulating material;

5, high corrosion resistance: glass fibers are not afraid of strong acid, strong base, does not reduce its functional features for a long time;

6, good recovery: glass fiber contains numerous fixed point, recovery is excellent. Are not afraid of any shock, the tensile strength of 1.0kg.

7, low moisture: the moisture absorption rate is usually close to zero.

8, light weight and soft: compared with other insulation, glass fiber acupuncture felt the quality of the lightest, most flexible, if installed on the machine, reduce weight and vibration loads.

9, simple construction: dimensions can be cut according to customer.

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