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Shell filter material
Oct 26, 2016

Basic performance

Shell filter material is made of pecan shell as raw materials, by crushing, vortexes, Polish, steam cleaning, screening, processing, and looks shiny, Brown. This filter material toughness, wear resistance, absorption capacity, resistance to oil, no caking, does not rot, oilfield, metallurgy, environmental protection of chemical industry wide selection. Pecan shell filter material made of thick oil pan, granular appearance was Brown, no rot, no spots, toughness, resistance to wear and tear.

Range of application

Mainly used in automatic height control water filters, filtration, well into the filters and so on. Is the oil fields, refineries, petrochemical engineering and other essential water purification materials for environmental protection engineering and oil-water separation. Its superiority is wear-resistant and does not rot, no caking, the advantages of easy regeneration and filling percent each year. This filter material hardness high, and resistance wear, and anti-pressure sex good, anti-pressure for 23.4KgF, chemical performance stable, is not acid alkali in the dissolved, adsorption cut dirt capacity strong, adsorption rate for 27-50%, hydrophilic good anti-oil dip, share g/cm31.25, slightly is greater than water, filling share for 0.85g/cm3, easy anti-wash regeneration, and other filter material compared, it of advantages is directly used filter Qian water anti-wash, run cost low, anti-flush strength low, (6.71/S. m2), filter speed fast (24-26 /N) effect. Can't water treatment effect of oilfield, oil removed up to 95%, oil fell to below 5mg/l.

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