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Advantages And Disadvantages Filter Cloth
Oct 26, 2016

Near-zero emissions, can meet the most stringent environmental standards.

Good cleaning can provide higher ventilation rates, or reduce the pressure.

Extend the life of the filter bag, clean up the reduction in the number of, the equipment maintenance cost reduction.

More gas than can be designed using a smaller filter, pressure is lowered to reduce energy consumption.

Dust bag from temperature Shang roughly is divided into 3 class, at room temperature class as polyester acupuncture felt bag, anti-electrostatic dust bag, easy clear gray dust bag,, in the temperature class as polyester covered film acupuncture felt bag, three dust bag, water repellent anti-oil acupuncture felt, high temperature class as beauty Tower Republika dust bag, fluoride beauty Republika bag, glass fiber acupuncture felt filter bags, PPS acid alkali bag,. Select dust bag should according to gas

Body temperature, wave climate and chemical characteristics particulate size, weight, shape and concentration of dust filtration rate, cleaning methods, emission and filter system and other factors.

Under normal circumstances, pulse jet bag dust collector selection of needle felt, chambered reverse blow bag dust catcher selection or mechanical vibration bag weaving. as conditions for the high temperature required acid and damp can be selected, such as high temperature laminating fluoride Mae, select dust bag to consider a number of factors.

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