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Air Filter Media Material Introduction And Use Of The Method
May 19, 2017

 Air Filter Media Material A device for removing particulates from air. Piston machines (internal combustion engines, reciprocating compressors, etc.) work, if the inhalation of air containing dust and other impurities will exacerbate the wear and tear parts, it must be equipped with air filter. Air filter from the filter and the shell of two parts. The main requirement of the air cleaner is to filter the high efficiency, low flow resistance, and can be used continuously for a long time without maintenance.

  Air Filter Media Material Air filter (Air Filter) is mainly used in pneumatic machinery, internal combustion machinery and other fields, the role of these machinery and equipment to provide clean air to prevent these machinery and equipment in the work of inhalation of impurities with particles of air and increase the wear and damage The probability of. The main component of the air filter is the filter element and the case, in which the filter element is the main filter part, bear the gas filter work, and the shell is to provide the necessary protection for the external structure of the filter. The working requirements of the air cleaner are capable of undertaking high efficiency air filtration work, which does not increase excessive resistance to air flow and can work continuously for long periods of time.

Its hydraulic machinery in the hydraulic system also has different degrees of application, mainly used to adjust the hydraulic system tank internal and external pressure difference.

  Air Filter Media Material In the air filter maintenance, should be carefully check the paper filter inside and outside the surface of the filter paper color and contrast. The use of the filter, contact the atmosphere side of the surface due to the deposition of dust, the color was gray and black; and facing the inlet side of the filter paper should still show the inner surface color. If the dust on the outer surface of the filter is removed, the color of the filter paper can be revealed, the filter can continue to use. When the outer surface of the filter after cleaning the dust, the paper color is no longer appear, or filter paper surface color dark, then the filter must be replaced. Under normal circumstances, each car manufacturers and their special service stations have air filter recommended replacement cycle (schedule), the owner only need to do so on it, if the road dust more, should be appropriate to shorten the air Filter clean, change mileage. When the replacement of the amount of good to the special maintenance station, if the owner used to buy their own accessories, then you must first figure out what model of your car, what material air filter, we must use the manufacturer specified high-quality air filter, Authenticity, must not be unqualified air filter loaded use.

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