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Cleaning Of The Filter Bags Commonly Used Methods
Oct 26, 2016

1, gas cleaning: gas cleaning using high pressure gas or external air jet bag filter to remove dust on the filter bag. Gas cleaning including pulse jet cleaning, reverse air conditioning cleaning and reverse suction cleaning.

2, mechanical vibration cleaning: top vibration vibration cleaning cleaning and Central (bags), is by means of mechanical vibration device periodically take turns rapping exhaust filter bags to remove dust on the filter bag.

3, artificial beats: is artificial slapped each bag to remove dust on the filter bag.

Classification of the filter bag

1, according to the shape of the cross section of the filter bag can be divided into: flat bag (trapezoidal and flat) and round (cylindrical).

2, in and out of the wind is divided into: on the lower air intake air and motivated wind wind and DC-(only plate flat bag).

3, press the filter into the filter bag: the outer filter and the inner filter.

4, according to the use of the environment and temperature of the filter bag procedures are divided into: normal temperature and mild temperatures.

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