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Dust & Powder Filter Cloth Made Of Dust
Sep 08, 2017

Dust & Powder Filter Cloth Made of dust

Dust bag:

Dust bag refers to the bag filter in the matching bag, made of dust cloth. In the production of thermal power, iron and steel, and the cement industry, there will be a lot of dust, resulting in serious pollution to the atmosphere, so the state of such enterprises to develop a strict emission requirements, and bag dust is extensive The use of an ideal way to dust, dust bag (dust bag) is known as the bag dust collector, the dust effect is played a very important role. The two important aspects of the quality of dust bags (dust removal materials), such as high temperature resistance, filtration accuracy and air permeability. On the other hand, the bag of the production process and quality is also an important factor, poor workmanship will lead to leakage of powder phenomenon. Dust bag which mainly filter press bag, filter bag, glass fiber high temperature filter cloth (bag); polyester filter cloth (bag); fluoride beauty needle felt filter cloth (bag); microporous film (PTFE) filter Bags and other chemical fiber woven bags, nonwovens filter bags.

Dust bag Product Features:

With high strength, anti-acid corrosion, wear, bending, easy to clean, water and oil, anti-static and so on.

Dust filter bag Application:

Widely used in steel, cement, chemicals, power plants, road construction, metallurgy, food processing.

Air filter bags:


◆ Filter efficiency level G4 ~ F8 to choose from.

◆ using a special high-throughput low-resistance chemical fiber cloth as a filter, dust capacity.

◆ can be with galvanized box, aluminum frame, plastic frame or stainless steel frame. Dust filter bag bag bag can be called the heart, dust filter bag related to the performance and life of the dust. Dust bag also known as dust bag, he is a bag filter in the process of running a key part of the cylinder filter bag is usually suspended in the dust collector. Therefore, the choice of dust filter bag must be careful, usually from the following aspects: gas temperature, humidity and chemical; particle size; dust concentration; filter wind speed; dust and other factors to consider. The air filter bag can effectively reduce the oxygen content of the compressed air during use. It is well known that 20% of the air is oxygen, in order to ensure that the oxygen content in the filter bag is reduced by reducing the number of nozzles used.

Air filter bag can also effectively reduce the compressed air in the bag's total residence time, such as the choice of timely cleaning treatment, in use can reduce the oxygen and the reaction time between the filter bag, when using the air filter bag , Need to focus on the ambient air temperature.

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