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Filter Bag
Oct 26, 2016

The entry from "Science in China" Wikipedia science entry in preparation and application of a project audit.

Filter bag has excellent chemical stability and resistance to heat, is used in filter material representative of the highest performance in the industry, are all common filter material in the top-end performance, in terms of filter efficiency and accuracy have reached a higher level. Commonly used filters are PE, PP, PTFE,PMIA, NMO.


Filter bag is the bag the availability of key parts, usually hang vertically in cylindrical filter bag dust collector. Filter bag fabrics and should be designed to minimize the pursuit of high performance filter and easy dust removal and durable effect.

Pulse air-box pulsed dust collector, dust is attached to the outer surface of the filter bag. When the dust concentration in the gas filter, set of arrested dust in the outer surface of the filter bag, and clean air through the filter into the filter bag inside. Filter bag inside the cage to support the filter bag to prevent collapse of the filter bag, and it contributes to dust cake removal and redistribution.

* Is relying on the whole thickness of the filter cloth filter, which belongs to the deep bed filtration

* The entire filter layer formed by fibers in the direction of three-dimensional porous structure, from the inside and outside from loose to tight to form a gradient filter

* Acute hypervolemic hemodilution antifouling, longer filter life, low dropout

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