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Filter Bags Choose The Right Raw Material
Sep 21, 2017

Filter Bags Choose the right raw material

How to ensure the quality of the filter bag

     (1) good raw material off. According to needle felt filter requirements to choose the right raw materials, including fiber strength, temperature, corrosion and spinnability and other needs. Needle felt filter with fineness of 3. 3 dtex in the following polyester, the strength must be above 4cN / dtex. The fiber itself contains moderate oil, must not use renewable raw materials. The quality of the needle felt filter material directly affect the quality indicators of the finished product filter, the relevant personnel should strictly control the raw materials.

(2) to establish a scientific and strict production process. In the production process of needle felt, we must have a strict production process, craftsmen to do the first production process, for the first to do the process of testing, and then make a reasonable production process design, put into production after the product track. For the specifications have to do first to do the process test, the test can be mass production. (3) the implementation of standardized operations. The operation of the operation of the workers to develop a practical operating procedures, and should be implemented, there are checks; equipment to do maintenance to ensure that the equipment has a good running state to ensure product quality and production; in order to avoid contamination of the product , Must ensure equipment hygiene and environmental hygiene.

(4) to do the inspection, acceptance work. Set up semi-finished products and product inspection system, in strict accordance with the standard implementation. Semi-finished product quality problems in a timely manner feedback, correct, the team and the individual product quality should be strictly assessed. The implementation of the finished product inspection GB, enterprise standard. Inspection, acceptance of qualified products before leaving the factory. Filter bag commonly used cleaning method

1, gas cleaning: gas cleaning is by means of high pressure gas or external air blowing bag, to remove the fouling on the filter bag. Gas cleaning, including pulse jet cleaning, anti-blowing dust and anti-suction cleaning;

2, the mechanical vibration cleaning: the top of the vibration and cleaning the middle of the cleaning and cleaning (both in terms of the filter bag), is by means of mechanical rapping device cyclical rotation of each row of filter bag to remove the filter The fouling of the bag;

3, artificial beating: is to use the artificial beat each filter bag to remove the fouling on the filter bag. Different types of filter bags, the use of the industry can also be used in different. Take the liquid filter bag, this filter bag has more advantages, not only can be placed in the use of the product label or ink on the filtrate pollution, and its wide range of filtration, its filtration accuracy of 0.5 micron To between 300 microns. This filter bag in the food, ink, paint, chemical and other industries and products widely used, and can be used repeatedly, will not cause waste.

    Dust bag is also a filter bag, dust bag is the biggest feature is easy to clean, and has a high strength of the anti-corrosion function, the use of an area is also very wide, can be used in power plants, chemical and other industries.

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