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Filter Bags Purification Industry
Oct 23, 2017

Filter Bags Purification industry

Filter bags are currently one of the more popular equipment in the purification industry, in our daily life also has a wider range of use. But we all know that the filter bag is a filter of impurities in a device, you need to frequently replace, how can effectively extend its life, reduce the frequency of replacement?

First of all, we should pay attention to observe the aging of the filter bag, usually caused by the following reasons: due to high temperature and hardening shrinkage, due to acid, alkali or organic solution in contact with the reaction, and water reaction of these three cases, When we are aging, we have to investigate the causes and take appropriate measures. There is also a situation when the filter bag is blocked, then run the resistance will increase, affecting the effect of filtering, usually we will take some measures: to strengthen the cleaning to remove the filter bag plug, replace the filter bag or adjust the installation And running the program. Finally, we should pay attention to the installation of the filter bag should not be too loose or too tight, too easy to dust, too tight is easy to pull bad. For the replacement of the filter bag, you should first use compressed air blowing, and then check for damage, found damaged or timely repair or replacement. In all areas of life can see some pollution, but for these pollution, people have made this filter, so the filter manufacturers introduced a new filter bag products, filter bags as a filter element, filter bag is filtered The process of a key ring, filter bag quality to a large extent determine the user has a filter effect. Filter bag manufacturers use the world's leading enterprises produced by the filter cloth, the use of professional production equipment manufacturing. Filter bag material, complete specifications. Can be targeted to meet the wide range of applications in various fields.

How to use it better in life to play the greatest role?

If you wash your clothes, when the pulley rotates every time, does your filter bag have a lot of water, and even the drums are bulging? If so, then your filter bag must be active. If the pulsator rotates, the filter bag is basically not reflected, then, it is not your filter bag below the waterway blocked. That is, you have a problem with the leaves below the pulsator. Because the filter bag filter fiber impurities is the leaves under the pulley to the laundry bucket containing fiber impurities in the dirty water to the filter bag that rush, so after the filter bag, put the fiber impurities in the filter bag, and The water flows back to the tub. So, if the leaves are broken, it will not play the role of catching water. Of course, the waterway is blocked, and the water and fiber impurities will not go to the filter bag. Therefore, we must pay attention to the set.

In the use of the case, from the washing machine out of the filter bag, remove the impurities inside, put it in the sun drying, to prevent moldy, to achieve the next can be clean and convenient to use.

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