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Filter Bags Step-by-step Filtering
Nov 02, 2017

Filter Bags Step-by-step filtering

1. When to replace the filter bag?

There are two ways to determine when to replace the filter bag:

1) to fully follow the experience to roughly determine the replacement time.

2) in the bag filter inlet and outlet pipes are installed on the pressure gauge, through the pressure gauge before and after the pressure difference to determine the time to replace the filter bag, the general filter bag can withstand the pressure difference of 0.5 ~ 1kg / cm2 , When the pressure reaches this range, it should be promptly replaced filter bag to avoid cracking bag, affecting the filtering effect, not because of small loss.

2. Filter by level

Bag filter can be installed in series to achieve progressive filtering.

If installed in the front of the filter for high-precision filtration, you can significantly reduce the cost of filtration. The same can also be sand filter and other filtering methods combined with the bag filter, thereby further enhancing the filter quality and reduce the cost of filter bags.

Self-cleaning machine, centrifugal and bag filter combination, we can use alone, can also be used in conjunction with other principles of the filter, to achieve the desired results.

3. How to achieve uninterrupted filtering?

Bag filter can be installed in parallel to ensure the continuity of filtration, or increase the flow, as shown in parallel installation, alternating replacement filter bag, you can maintain continuous filtering. The use of the filter bag will encounter a lot of problems, such as pressure, accuracy, material, etc., customers in the use of time if you do not pay attention to the details, it is easy to cause unnecessary trouble, filter bag pressure requirements: Filter bags, prolonged use of the filter bag will cause the phenomenon of violence bags, filter bags in the production process is in strict accordance with the requirements and through layers of inspection before leaving the factory, but because the filter bag is a consumable and filter liquid and its conditions vary widely , So to develop the habit of regularly replacing the filter bag on their own product filtering effect is also a good guarantee, filter bags in the cleaning when the proposed use of water rinse, and not with external force, rub, this will cause the filter accuracy is unstable, When the filter effect is poor, filter bag material PE, PP ,, PTFE, NMO, etc., different filters require the use of different filter bags, is committed to solving your filtering problems. The use of filter bags more and more frequent, and for many industries filter bag is indispensable things, the filter bag is mainly to filter which dirty material, it uses the material is also very good, we live in the environment Many of the dust, the filter bag has a purifying effect, can clean the impurities in the air, make the air more fresh, but also let us be able to breathe fresh air, make our body more healthy.

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