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Filter Cloth Chemical Stability
Oct 23, 2017

Filter Cloth Chemical stability

Commonly used filter cloth selection principle

Different filtering needs and different types of filtration equipment on the filter cloth made a different request, only scientific, appropriate choice of filter cloth, in order to effectively improve the processing capacity of filtration equipment and separation of quality.

(1) Select the preparation work before the filter cloth. Before selecting the filter cloth, it is necessary to know in detail the characteristics of the material type, separation purpose, production capacity and filter type in the solid-liquid separation process in order to select the appropriate filter cloth. But because of a variety of performance indicators vary widely, in order to select the appropriate performance of the appropriate filter cloth has some difficulties. In many cases, the choice of filter cloth is usually based on the principle of mutual consideration.

 ① filter requirements. To understand whether the solid is discarded or the liquid is discarded, or both are recovered, or both are discarded; the liquid content of the filter cake and the clarity of the filtrate are required; whether the waste is to be treated.

 ② the characteristics of solid particles in the slurry. Such as particle size, particle size distribution range, solid particle compressibility, particle shape, solid true density.

 ③ liquid liquid characteristics. Such as viscosity, density, acidity, oxidation - reduction, the solubility of organic matter and temperature.

 ④ characteristics of the slurry. Such as viscosity, density, concentration (solid and liquid ratio), the dispersion of particles.

⑤ filter type. According to the production capacity, investment, the use of area and other specific circumstances to determine the type of filter.

(2) the principles and methods of selection. Filter cloth selection should take into account the following aspects:

① filter cloth material physical and chemical stability. Should be based on the physical and chemical properties of the slurry, select the appropriate filter cloth material. Filter cloth selection, to consider the physical and chemical properties, including the use of temperature, tensile properties and deformation, chemical stability, solubility or swelling, acid and alkali resistance.

② mechanical properties. Should be based on the type of filter to filter cloth tensile performance, wear resistance, elongation, elasticity and other mechanical properties. Such as belt vacuum filter, filter cloth walking compartment filter press, folding belt unloading drum vacuum filter and other filtration equipment requires a better performance of the filter cloth. Table 10-3 lists the tensile performance of the commonly used filter cloth, Table 10-32 lists the distribution of the commonly used filter cloth strong distribution of the table, Table 10-33 lists the commonly used filter cloth elongation of the distribution table The Chamber filter press and plate and frame filter press filter cloth has a certain degree of flexibility and a certain deformation, elongation and elongation at break reflects its deformation capacity. Scraper removal filter cake filter, plate and frame filter press, van filter presses are required to have a good wear resistance. Table 10-34 lists the wear resistance of domestic commonly used filter cloth.

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