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Filter Cloth Global Sales Growth
Aug 16, 2017

Filter Cloth Global sales growth

The global PP (polypropylene) nonwovens filter cloth market is expected to reach US $ 30.61 billion by 2020. According to the large research firm's baby diapers, adult incontinence and the growing demand for female disposable products are expected to maintain a key driver For the global market in the next six years. In addition, more and more durable applications of PP nonwovens market penetration, mainly concentrated in the Asia-Pacific and Middle East countries, is expected to have a positive impact in the demand during the forecast period. However, taking into account the volatile fluctuations in crude oil prices of polypropylene is expected to maintain the industry's main challenges. In addition, strict regulatory programs, mainly in Europe and the United States are expected to also curb market growth in the next six years. The main findings from the study show that:

   * The global market for PP nonwovens is 5,553.6 thousand tonnes, which is expected to reach 9,978.2 tonnes in 2013 and 2014 by 2020 at 7.8% compound annual growth rate.

* Spunbond PP nonwovens as a leading product area, in 2013 accounted for 47.4% of the total market volume. In addition to being the largest consumer product, spunbond is also expected to be the fastest growing part of the composite annual growth rate of 8.3% in 2010-2020, on the other hand, bulk PP nonwovens, 6.9% compound annual growth rate is expected to grow 2014-2020.

         * Produced as a leading application area for PP nonwovens, accounting for 50.7% of total market capacity in 2013, but due to increased market penetration in durable applications, health is expected to lose some volume in the next six years. The global demand for PP nonwovens from the healthcare industry is expected to grow at a compound annual growth rate of 8.8% from 2014 to 2020.

       * Asia-Pacific region dominated the global market, accounting for 40.6% of the total market capacity in 2013, is expected to 2014 growth of 8.5% compound annual growth rate increased to 2020. Middle East is expected to become the fastest growing regional market PP nonwovens to 10.3% compound annual growth rate is expected 2014-20 years, is expected to PP nonwovens North America demand will reach billions of dollars 6.91 to 2020.

      * Global polypropylene nonwovens industry, is the non-woven filter cloth is more dispersed, the top five participants accounted for more than 40% of the global market, 2013, the company leaders have been involved in frequent M & A activities to improve its market share. Some of the major industry participants include AVGOL, FIBERTEX, Fiberweb, Kimberly-Clark, PGI, Quality First, Mitsui and Toray.

Nonwovens filter cloth global sales grew faster

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