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Filter Cloth Mainly Include
Jul 21, 2017

Filter Cloth mainly include

Filter cloth mainly include: filter press polyester filter cloth, filter press polypropylene filter cloth, plate and frame filter press nylon filter cloth, plate and frame filter filter vinylon cloth.

Plate and frame filter press polyester cloth

    Divided into polyester long fiber filter cloth, polyester staple fiber cloth.

    Polyester staple fiber filter material properties: acid, weak base. Abrasion resistance, corrosion resistance, good recovery, poor conductivity. Polyester fiber temperature is generally in the 130 --- 150 degrees Celsius, the product has the advantages of ordinary felt filter cloth, and wear resistance is very good, with a high cost performance and become the most used in the filter Of the breed. Heat resistance: 120 ° C, elongation at break (20%), breaking strength (g / d): 438, melting point (° C): 238 · 240, melting point (° C) Weight: 1.38. Filtration performance: polyester staple fiber filter cloth raw material structure short and hair, woven fabric dense, good particle retention, but the stripping, poor ventilation. Strength wear resistance, water leakage is also less than polyester long fiber filter cloth.

    Uses: pharmaceutical, sugar, food, chemicals, metallurgy, industrial filter press, centrifuges and so on.

    Softening point (° C): 238-240, melting point (° C): 255-260. Weight: 1.38. Filtration performance: polyester long fiber filter cloth surface smooth, good wear resistance, high strength, through the fight after the twist, the higher the strength, better wear resistance, and thus good fabric permeability, leaky fast, easy to clean. Uses: pharmaceutical, food, chemical, metallurgical, industrial filter press, centrifuge filter cloth.

Nylon filter cloth

    Nylon fiber strength is high, the strength of 4-5.3Cndtex. Elongation of 18% to 45%. At 10% elongation, the elasticity is more than 90%. Nylon strong in the strongest fiber, according to the determination of nylon fiber wear resistance of cotton fiber 10 times, 50 times the adhesive. Wear resistance of the first variety of fibers, so with the rubber pressure is the ideal material for the manufacture of automotive tires. Nylon fiber resistant alkali, weak acid. After 9 hours of treatment with NaoH (10%) at 95 ° C, the strength loss is negligible, but the nylon is not resistant to light and is prone to discoloration and fragrance. Therefore, the nylon fabric should not be exposed to sunlight for a long time. Nylon 66 can not be used in pharmaceutical, food manufacturers, because it is toxic, harmful to human health.

    Uses: rubber, ceramics, pharmaceutical, food, metallurgy and so on. Product Type: 30l, 407,663,17-2,17-7.

Polypropylene filter cloth

    Filter cloth classification: polypropylene staple fiber cloth; polypropylene long fiber filter cloth.

    Filtration performance: polypropylene short fiber, short fiber, spinning yarn with wool; polypropylene long fiber, fiber length, the formation of yarn smooth, so the polypropylene staple fiber caused by industrial fabrics, cloth with hair, powder filtration and pressure Filtration effect is better than long fiber. The long fiber made of polypropylene fabric with industrial cloth, smooth cloth, breathable performance.

    Polypropylene filter cloth series of the main representatives are:

    In the book type: 521 522 4212 750A thick type: 750B (series) 750AB

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