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Filter Cloth Mainly Used
Oct 13, 2017

Filter Cloth Mainly used

With the economic development, industrial filter cloth is also evolving. Today, many industries need to use industrial filter cloth, which has an important impact on our production and life, then the industrial filter cloth in what place it?

1. Industrial filter cloth is made of natural fibers and synthetic fibers made of filter media, mainly for solid-liquid separation and industrial dust.

2. Industrial filter cloth is generally used for solid-liquid separation, gas-solid separation; gas-solid separation applications Ironmaking plants, steel mills, ferroalloy plants, refractory plants, foundries, power plants and other flue gas dust removal system.

3. Application of industrial filter cloth is the thermal power and nuclear power, mainly gas turbine, boiler lubrication system, speed control system, bypass control system oil purification, as well as water pumps, fans and dust purification system.

4. Filter cloth is a widely used filter medium, it can be used for air filtration, liquid filtration and dust removal. Filter cloth according to different use of the environment, the application conditions, can be divided into air filter cloth, water filter cloth, mining filter cloth, flame retardant filter cloth and medical filter cloth.

5. Filter cloth on the broad range, the metal material of the filter cloth or filter, mostly through the preparation of metal wire, or punching on the metal plate made of a fiber filter cloth does not have the hardness , In the industrial production is very extensive

Filter cloth in life for air filtration and removal of dust, to contribute to the purification of the ambient air, in the smelter, chemical plants, sugar and other aspects have been applied by the natural fiber or synthetic fiber woven into. These are known to everyone, then the use of filter cloth, what are you do not know?

Filter cloth close to zero emissions, to achieve the most stringent environmental standards.

Good cleaning, can provide a higher ventilation, or can reduce the pressure.

Filter bag life extension, the reduction in the number of clean-up, so that equipment maintenance costs.

A higher air-to-cloth ratio can be designed with a smaller dust collector, reducing the energy consumption when the pressure drop is reduced.

Dust bag from the temperature can be divided into three categories: room temperature such as polyester needle felt bag, anti-static dust bag, easy to clean dust bag, the temperature, such as polyester coated needle felt bag, three anti-dust bag, Oil needle felt, high temperature category such as the United States Tate dust bag, fluoride cloth bags, fiberglass needle felt bag, PPS Naisuan Jian bag.

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