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Filter Cloth Particularly Suitable For Viscous Liquid
Aug 04, 2017

Filter Cloth Particularly suitable for viscous liquid

Filter cloth regeneration efficiency Filtration process, the filter cloth to be used repeatedly. In general, the filter cloth in the beginning to use when the resistance is small, and with the use of time, filter cloth part of the pores are solid particles blocked, so that filtration resistance increases, the filtration rate decreased, then filter cloth needs regeneration. No matter what kind of regeneration method, after the regeneration of the filter cloth can not fully restore the original performance, which there is the problem of regeneration efficiency. Because the regenerated filter cloth has a "regenerative performance stable period", the actual filtration rate of the equipment in production is the rate at which the filter cloth enters the "regenerative performance stable period". Therefore, in the filter cloth selection, in the production to meet the provisions of the provisions of the filtration accuracy should be considered under the premise of selective regeneration performance filter cloth.

 Filter cloth regeneration performance and filter cloth material, fiber length, weaving and so on. In general, the performance of monofilament filter cloth is best I long multifilament filter cloth; short fiber filter cloth worst, dense structure of plain weave cloth, canvas cloth filter regeneration performance is poor; twill, satin class The filter cloth regeneration performance is good.

Polypropylene filter cloth. Polypropylene is a polyolefin chemical fiber, called polypropylene. Polypropylene heat resistance, abrasion resistance, tensile strength are good, acid and alkali corrosion, is the filter high temperature acid, alkaline materials, the most suitable filter cloth. Because it is difficult to dissolve in organic solvents, it is also widely used in solvents, paints, dyes, mineral oil and other filtration. The use of temperature up to 90 ℃. Vinylon cloth. Vinylon is a polyvinyl alcohol chemical fiber, known as polyvinyl formal. Vinyl tensile strength and wear resistance is good, alkali resistance is also very good, in case of concentrated sulfuric acid, concentrated hydrochloric acid was swollen or decomposition, insoluble in mobile, vegetable oil and mineral oil, case of hot pyridine, phenol was swollen Or decomposition. Use temperature up to 100 ° C.

Cotton, wool and rayon cloth. Wool filter cloth than cotton filter cloth slightly better acid resistance, can be used for thin acid suspension or high viscosity suspension of the filter, not alkali, easy to plug. The tensile and abrasion resistance of the rayon filter cloth is worse than that of the cotton cloth, and the alkali resistance is worse than that of the cotton filter cloth, but the other chemical characteristics are similar to those of the cotton filter cloth and can be used for the press filtration of the coarse particle suspension.

Non-woven. Non-woven fabric tensile and abrasion resistance than the same fiber woven into the cloth is worse. Non-woven filter cloth has irregular pore structure, large pores, filtration mechanism close to the deep filter, when the suspension concentration is high, there will be bridging, the particle retention effect is good, so the application is more extensive. Wool and synthetic fiber felt are commonly used in the pharmaceutical, coating, essential oils, food, beverages, dyes and other industrial sectors of the filter. Nonwovens are widely used in a variety of chemical industries, especially for viscous large liquid, cooling oil, vegetable oil, beverage filtration.

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