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Filter Cloth Repeated Use
Sep 28, 2017

Filter Cloth Repeated use

Filter cloth regeneration efficiency Filtration process, the filter cloth to be used repeatedly. In general, the filter cloth in the beginning of the use of less resistance, and with the use of time, the filter cloth part of the pores are solid particles blocked, so that filtration resistance increases, the filtration rate decreased, then filter cloth needs regeneration. No matter what kind of regeneration method, after the regeneration of the filter cloth can not fully restore the original performance, which there is the problem of regeneration efficiency. Because the regenerated filter cloth has a "regenerative performance stable period", the actual filtration rate of the equipment in production is the rate at which the filter cloth enters the "regenerative performance stable period". Therefore, in the selection of filter cloth, in the production of the provisions of the provisions of the filtration accuracy should be considered under the premise of selective regeneration performance filter cloth.

Filter cloth regeneration performance and filter cloth material, fiber length, weaving and so on. In general, the performance of monofilament filter cloth is best I long multifilament filter cloth followed; short fiber filter cloth worst, dense structure of plain weave cloth, canvas cloth filter regeneration performance is poor; twill, satin Of the filter cloth regeneration performance. From the mechanism of dust removal, it can be seen that the ash layer plays a very important role in the actual dust removal process. The gray layer on the surface of the filter cloth is composed of dust particles of different sizes, with various structural properties and porosity. Under normal circumstances , It affects the bag filter dust removal efficiency and resistance, determine the operating performance. The filter cloth is a skeleton that forms a dust layer and supports a dust layer.

1. Filter dust removal process, with the role of gray layer

(1) When the ash layer is thick enough, a high dust removal efficiency can be achieved.

(2) with a thin layer of thin or porous, the permeability is good, dust resistance and dust removal efficiency is low.

(3) with a large proportion of ash, when the performance of the inertia of light, by the vibration and easy to filter bag surface separation, to strengthen the cleaning effect.

(4) attached to the gray layer of large sticky, easy to clean, the resistance is also high 2. The process of generating ash layer

Can be divided into three stages.

(1) the new filter cloth began to steep after a few minutes or hours, the dust packing filter cloth pore process.

(2) filter cloth used for a few weeks or longer, after several times, until the establishment of a stable residual ash layer so far.

3) Every time the amount of ash from the filter bag is about equal to the amount of ash accumulated on the filter bag after the next cleaning, and the resistance is the same when the cleaning conditions are unfavorable.

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