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Liquid Filter Bag Filtering Accuracy Range
Oct 23, 2017

Liquid Filter Bag Filtering accuracy range

Classification and efficacy of liquid filter bags

The liquid filter bag has the following five characteristics:

1, pocket suture improved, there is no high protrusions, will not produce side leakage phenomenon.

2, the filter bag with no silicone oil cooling high-speed industrial sewing machine production, this production model will not produce silicone oil pollution problems.

3, the filter accuracy range from 0.5 ~ 2500um, the production of materials above can have PP, PE and nylon, each adapted to a different filter liquid.

4, the liquid filter bag labels easy to replace the way to prevent the process of filtering raw materials pollution.

5, the use of advanced ring welding technology, diameter error is less than 0.5mm, the level of error is less than 0.2mm. Increased sealing during installation.

Liquid filter bags are widely used in a wide range of industrial fluids such as electroplating paints, paints, coatings, inks, pharmaceuticals, oil and gas, food and beverage. Good acid resistance PP material liquid filter bag can also be recycled, both cost savings and can achieve better filtering effect. China is currently the majority of the industry in the use of pulse filter bag filter, including construction projects in the application of a large number of pulse bag filter. Pulse bag filter has many advantages, small size; high filtration speed; small footprint; easy to maintain and so on.

But most customers use the dust removal equipment and filter bags do not understand, or even know nothing about. In order to enable customers to use in the prevention of the problem and the corresponding problem-solving process, the pulse cleaning bag is now used to solve the problem and processing methods to provide the majority of users.

According to the application of the filter bag problems, as well as treatment methods are listed in detail:

1, filter bag pocket parts

(1) filter bag pocket parts damage more than 400 in the pocket down, broken traces are mostly from the inside out, the first layer of compressed air blowing off, and then the fabric was blown, the last filter surface was blown. When the side of the bag is damaged, the flue gas is usually passed from the least resistant position. Flue gas from the break through the net clean room, the smoke through the dust will be washed at the broken diagonal, and ultimately cause the bag ring damage, and even the bag head and bag body separation.

Damage is due to high compressed air, spray tube skew, deformation and other causes of the board, adjusted to avoid damage.

(2) filter bag pocket damage in the groove position, broken traces are mostly from outside to inside. The groove was worn off, serious when the head off.

Damage is due to improper installation or small pocket diameter.

(3) outside the bag bag bag mouth damage in the length of the tube and the flower plate, broken traces from outside to inside, fiber and fabric are worn or worn, or even off.

Damage is due to the majority of poor installation, pocket or small pressure is too high, so that the filter bag from the porous plate in the nozzle or dust collector cover, the final friction damage. More common in blast furnace gas dust.

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