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Liquid Filter Bag Selection Process
Aug 16, 2017

Liquid Filter Bag Selection process

The liquid flows from the filter bag to the bag, and the filtered particles are trapped in the bag. The working principle of the bag filter is pressure filtration. Bag filter system consists of three parts: filter containers, support basket and filter bags.

Usually the PE / PP filter bag filter accuracy unit is the number of "micron" (μm), and nylon filter, stainless steel filter filter unit is the number of "head" said.

"Head" refers to the number of holes per square inch (1 inch 25.4mm) mesh, 50 mesh refers to the per square inch of the hole is 50, 500 is 500, the higher the number of eyes, the more holes; In addition to the pores of the screen, it is used to indicate the particle size of the particles that can pass through the screen. The higher the mesh size is, the smaller the particle size is.

It can be seen from the definition of "head" above that the size of the pore size is related to the diameter of the yarn for weaving the cloth, and in practical use, it has a great relationship with the filament, multifilament and weaving method, and the centrifugation Machine speed (centrifugal force size), filter material performance, temperature and so have a great relationship, so choose the appropriate case for their own filter bag is also a very complex selection process. Non-standard filter bags:

⑴ bag filter structure is compact, reasonable size. Installation and operation is simple, convenient, small footprint.

⑵ bag filter filter high precision, suitable for any fine particles or suspended solids, filtration range from 0.5 to 200 microns.

⑶ unit filter area of the larger flow of processing, filtration resistance is small, high filtration efficiency. A liquid filter bag filter function is equivalent to 5 to 10 times the filter, can greatly reduce costs; design flow can meet the requirements of 1 ~ 500m3 / h, low cost

⑷ bag filter widely used, can be used for coarse filter, filter or fine filter; to achieve the same filter effect in the case, compared with the frame box fine filter, filter-type filter and other equipment with low investment costs, Long and low cost of filtering.

⑸ high filtration precision, large amount of filtration, with low cost, high efficiency.

⑹ liquid bag filter without cleaning, replace the liquid filter bag can be completed within 30 seconds, convenient and quick, save time and labor.

⑺ liquid bag filter specifications complete, a low-pressure type, side into the type, jacking, multi-bag, horizontal.

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