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Overview Of Dust Bags
Oct 26, 2016

Dust bag is a bag with accessory bag, made from non-woven cloth and woven together. In fire power, and steel, and cement, and chemical, industry production process in the, will produced large of dust and flue gas, to on atmosphere and human caused serious of pollution, so, national on this class enterprise of atmosphere emissions developed has strictly of requirements, and bags type dust is widely using of a ideal dust way, dust bags (dust filter bags) was called bags type dust collector of heart, for dust effect up to very important of role.


Decisions are two important aspects of the quality of the dust bag dust cloth (dust material) the quality, such as high temperature indicator, filtering accuracy, air permeability. The other hand, bag production process and the quality is also an important factor, occurrence of poor workmanship can result in leakage.

Treatment process

Itself consists of the filter bag and clean filter cloth made in a clean environment, to prevent secondary pollution caused by unclean filter bag itself. Made of nonwoven filter bag surface after Singeing and calendering process to prevent secondary pollution caused by fiber loss.

Filter options

Each filter has its own characteristics and parameters selection of air filter material must be aware of the following parameters: diameter of temperature, humidity, dust, gases, chemical characteristics of mechanical fixing, dust and abrasive, dust collector. Such as cleaning, installation, and so on.

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