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Water & Oil Filter Fabric Using Chemical Fiber Material
Jul 06, 2017

Water & Oil Filter Fabric Using chemical fiber material

Oil and water filtration, which will be the object of the following explanation, that is, it is our learning object, because it is one of the keywords of the site. Moreover, since the front has already started, so the following to learn, then it is for everyone, it is not difficult to understand and master it, so things should not be late, immediately to proceed to it.

1. Oil filter in the filter cloth, what is the material?

Oil and water filter in the filter cloth, the choice of material, mainly to see the oil is divided into water or oil sub-oil, the situation is different, then the choice, is not the same. If it is oil in the water, then, is used after the Teflon sprayed stainless steel, is the water in the oil, then the use of chemical fiber material.

 2. Oil and water filtration, the use of the purpose of regulating valve, what is it? In addition, oil-water separator and filter, its specific role, what is it?

 Oil and water filtration, if the use of regulating valve, then, mainly play a filter and decompression of these two roles. And an oil-water separator which separates the water in the oil. Filter, it is used to filter out the oil particles in the particles to make it clean.

3. If you want to carry out oil and water separation, then, the oil filter before installation, what should be done?

If you want to carry out oil and water separation, then the oil filter installation work, mainly cleaning and refueling, so as not to enter the system of impurities, thus triggering a variety of problems. Its refueling, if it is external type, just sealed rubber ring lubrication, you can. But for its inside, to remember is that it is strictly refueling, because, if so, it will be a problem.

The above content, are from the oil and water filtration point of view, put forward specific problems, so they were a specific analysis and answer, so that we have a correct understanding, rather than the wrong concept. Moreover, you can also through these, to increase their knowledge in this area, that is, so that their own benefit.

2. What is the difference between oil and water separator and filter? And which one can be used in oil and water filtration?

The difference between the oil-water separator and the filter is mainly for the oil-water separator, which separates the water from the oil and precipitates it for smooth discharge. And a filter which is used to filter out the particulate impurities in the oil. And, according to the above explanation, it is known that oil and water separators are used in oil-water filtration.

3. Oil and water filtration and air filtration, in principle and the use of equipment, there is a difference?

The problem, it is clear that the answer is yes, because the former is oh the filter between the liquid, the latter is the gas filter, in the filter medium, is not the same. So, it will use the filter device or equipment, is certainly different, can not be the same.

For oil and water filtration, it can be said that the above problems are very basic, but also has a certain practical, because they are in our actual work, may encounter, therefore, it is necessary to carry out related learning, thus , So that they have a thorough understanding, so that in order to satisfactorily resolve, and let their own some gains and progress.

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